Organic Langar at our new Place :) – A House Party in Ludhiana

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April 1, 2016

Sat Sri Akaal everyone! 🙂

So the day we met GuruMustuk Singh from Sikhnet, we planned a dinner for him. Unfortunately, due to bad health GuruMustuk couldn’t join in. But Ravneet Singh and Manpreet Singh’s impromptu plan for the dinner to be an ‘Organic Langar’ turned to be great. So number of people joining in for organic langar grew from 5 to 15 in 5 secs, when everyone came to know the langar is going to be prepared by ace chef Satvir Kaur bhain ji! 😀 Me and Manpreet, at that point of time didn’t know, that we were in for an awesome treat.


Long story short, boy! oh boy! I can only explain about taste of food by desi measures that I took a hot case full dal of back home after we had langar. Our small home event started with rendezvous with one another, followed by langar, story telling by Sharan Art, and not to miss, some poor jokes by myself and Bhupinder and hearty laughters.


What a night it was. Photos were taken by myself and Virk. *curse Virk for not taking any location shots, I just took the baton a.k.a camera after first few shots*


Of course, you know, all the good shots are mine 😉  *kidding* *just look at the smiles,people!*

Gagan Kaur and Simi Sra, you were missed buddies!


*Please don’t judge us, pretty please?* 😀 Thanks!

1 Parshada keh k bhukh paun wale lok! 😀


Star lok in one row 😀

Hospitality champs

*Parshada, Waheguru*

Meet the ace chef, and the second in command!

Daughters of Ravneet-Satvir Jees

Ankur Patar was given last minute invitation as well. He couldn’t be there due to prior commitment, but he was there due to a prior companionship.

This pyara couple swept all the points for sewa 😀

Poor joke factory at work 😀

Manpreet ji being served with some fresh sarcasm after langar 😀 *beat the dessert*

Manpreet’s favourite thing to do on this planet is to giving his framed photos away as gifts. Savour this moment 😀

Happy People 1.0

Happy People 2.0

Bhupinder mocking us wedding photogs! *gasp*

*doesn’t stop*

though it worked…

…and it works, always! 🙂


Loads of Love and Chardi Kala vibes to everyone! Thanks for reading and viewing this.