G+H : Enamor session

February 1, 2015

(Happy Birthday Guneet! 😀 Not going to throw anymore wishes in your bag since you have already got an awesome better half and myself, as your ‘ghaint’ photographer!  What more do you want? 😀  *lol* May god bless you with much more awesomeness in your life! )


Ladies and Gentleman, and pyaare bacheyo…

Meet ‘H & G’ . HarLavLeen and Guneet.

I asked them how they met and everything and here is an excerpt from the conversation :


H : We met on a matrimonial site and that day I was finally heading to meet her.

G : Main toh us din ghar se Naah krne ka soch k aayi thi! (I headed out of home that day with a firm NO in my mind).

H : But when we met it was something special. She told me upfront that I had a weird name! 😀 I was pleasantly surprised that she was honest, as most of the girls would say I had a nice name , when I knew its not a nice name!

G : I mean isn’t HarLavleen weird for a guy? 😀 lol

H : Right after 15 mins I knew she was the one.

Me : How was it for you Guneet? What made you change your mind?

G : I had never seen such a handsome Sardar!


…and, they locked eyes for a brief moment and smiled!

what I could I see in their eyes is contained in the following set of photos! 🙂

– Harnav

P.s. A cat crossed our path before we began the shoot! I just knew at the moment… that the animal is going somewhere :p lol Say hello to the kitty!




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